About me

Publications and Readings
I've had my work published in anthologies, in print journals and online, and until it became too disabled to leave my flat, I regularly performed at open mic nights. My full publication record can be found here, and my reading record here.
Finding my home
I live in Leith. I grew up in Aberdeen, went to university in St. Andrews and then moved to the USA, where I lived in Washington D.C., Ann Arbor, M.I., and Princeton, N. J. I moved back to Scotland in 1995, settling first in Balmore, a little village outside of Glasgow, before moving to Edinburgh four years later. In St. Andrews, I discovered politics, CND and feminism (and fell in love). In Washington D.C, I had my first experience of American racism. While I lived in Princeton, I worked in Newark and saw first hand the vastness of income disparity in the USA. Both my daughters were born in Ann Arbor. I lived there during the Reagan years at the end of the cold war. I joined a peace community, and we protested outside a nuclear missile plant. I lived in the USA for thirteen years and felt homesick for Scotland every day. I was overjoyed when I found a job in my chosen career in Glasgow. I wasn't prepared for the feeling of culture shock and dislocation I felt and neither were my daughters. A move out of the city to Balmore brought a sense of quiet and calm to our lives. Then a new job in Edinburgh meant another move, one that I hoped would be our last. The end of my marriage brought me to Leith. Each of these places brought me new friends, new adventures and lasting memories, but it wasn't until I moved to Leith that I finally felt at home.

Finding my purpose
My career as a psychology lecturer and researcher was coming to an end and I was feeling lost.  I had loved everything about working in psychology, giving lectures, interacting with students, designing and conducting experiments and going to conferences to present my work. I was devastated when ill-health meant I could no longer continue the work that gave me a sense of identity and self-worth, and my life purpose and meaning. In an attempt to find a new direction for my life, I trained as a counsellor and therapist. This seemed like a natural extension of my previous career, a logical rational choice. Yet it wasn't until I took a writing course at the local community centre and fell in love with writing that I felt at home with myself. I had found the right direction for my life.

Developing my craft
I have continued to take writing courses at the community centre, joined a writers group, read at spoken word open mic nights, and begun to have my work published. I write poems, short stories and I am currently working on two longer works of children's fiction. I am a beginning writer, so my portfolio of work is not large. This website contains all my published poems and short fiction. I am hoping that I will publish more and that will shift to a selection of published work. You can find the first poem I read at an open mic night, the first poem I had published in an online journal, and the first short story I wrote, my first piece of creative writing, as well as excerpts from my unpublished longer work. Please feel free to comment on individual work or get in touch via the contact page.

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