Publications: Print

2021: ‘I’m in a wheelchair’, ‘Tired’, ‘Them v. Us’, ‘Us v. Them’, ‘Is your body wheelchair ready?’, and ‘Make it Accessible’ are due to be published in the chapbook ‘Dreich, Isms’ by Hybrid Press.

2021: ‘Bravery’, ‘Xenolith’, ‘Poetry Slams’, ‘An Illegitimate Grief’, and ‘Waiting for Death’ are due to be published in the chapbook ‘Dreich Xtra 3’ by Hybrid Press.

2020: ‘Mourning Colours or Why stop the clocks?’ was published in the chapbook ‘Dreich, Afters’ by Hybrid Press.

2020: ‘Cotton Lavender’, ‘Don’t Look Away’, ‘How Can I Write Poetry?’ ‘The tears of someone else’s longing’ ‘Not my Child’, ‘The Death of Lennon Lacy’ and ‘Held to Account’ were published in the chapbook ‘Dreich, Race’ by Hybrid Press.

2018: ‘Not My Child’, ‘The Devil Slakes His Thirst’, and ‘Christmas, Syria, 2015’ were published in the charity anthology ‘Voices Along the Road’ edited by M M Lewis & Alice Little.

2017: ‘How to Transfer from a Wheelchair to a Toilet’ appeared in [Untitled] Eight produced by literary and visual arts events organiser [Untitled]

2015: ‘Lines written in appreciation of Lord David Anthony Freud, Baron of Eastry’ appears in Lallans 87, the journal o the Scots airts an letters Yuil 2015 edition.

2015: ‘I won’t stand for this’, ‘Mr Kurtzke’s Scale’, ‘This Scar’ appeared in the anthology MS MyStory.

Publications: Online

2016: ‘Betwixt and Between’, The Devil Slakes His Thirst’, ‘The Magpie Tree’ appeared on @herheartpoetry Instagram poetry magazine

2016: ‘Not My Child’, and ‘The Devil Slakes His Thirst’ appeared in the online magazine ‘I am not a silent poet’

2016: ‘How to be a Feminist Poet’ appeared in the ‘Poetry of Politics’ issue of the online magazine ‘Forage’

2016: ‘Confusion’ appeared in the online journal ‘Thank You for Swallowing’ Volume 2 Issue 4: Toxic Masculinity

2015: ‘Wake Up My Son’ appeared in the online magazine ‘I am not a silent poet’

2014: ‘This Scar’ appeared in the online poetry website ‘Poetry24’


2016: ‘Not my child’ won second place in the 2015/2016 Universal Human Rights Student Network’s human rights poetry contest. The theme of the contest was ‘Refugees and the message to Europe’.