The Devil Slakes His Thirst

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The devil dons his mask
and casts our children from the land
with promises purloined
from the nightmares of the dead

The devil sheds his skin
walks the dark sequestered streets
as we worship and adore
his glory all unbound

The devil stakes his claim
to pitch his shadow on the sea
while we collect his rent
from the safety of the shore

The devil takes his due
with an unforgiving hand
more practised than restrained
and lays his burden down

Author’s Notes
1. I wrote ‘The Devil Slakes His Thirst’ after my daughter returned from the refugee camp ‘The Jungle’ near Calais.

2. The poem appears in Reuben Woolley’s online magazine ‘i am not a silent poet’ here.

Copyright © 2017 Lindsay Oliver

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